Does Starbucks Have Boba? What to Know About Starbucks’ New Boba Drinks

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about a delicious concoction of your favorite coffee and those delightful, chewy pearls of bubble tea? If that sounds like heaven in a cup to you, you’re definitely not alone! Starbucks, ever the caffeinated innovator, has made your dreams a reality by recently launching their fascinating new Boba drinks with “Coffee Popping Pearls.” Intrigued? So are we!

In this post, we will dive deep into this alluring world where the rich flavors of coffee collide with the playful textures of Boba pearls to create a genuinely unique beverage experience. Join us, and embark on a whole new adventure for your taste buds!

What Are Coffee Popping Pearls, And How Do They Compare To Boba?

Does Starbucks Have Boba? What to Know About Starbucks’ New Boba Drinks

Coffee Popping Pearls is an innovative twist on traditional boba, a popular ingredient in bubble tea that originated in Taiwan. These “boba-style” pearls are filled with real Starbucks coffee, offering a burst of flavor when consumed. As a recent addition to Starbucks’ array of beverage options, the Coffee Popping Pearls come in two different drinks: In the Dark (a coffee-based beverage) and an Iced Chai Tea Latte.

Compared to conventional boba, which is made with tapioca pearls derived from the cassava plant, Starbucks’ Coffee Popping Pearls are smaller and boast a unique coffee taste. While traditional boba has a chewy and tapioca-flavored texture, the coffee-popping pearls are described as having an oddly salty-sweet taste, creating a distinction between the two types of pearls.

Currently, Starbucks’ Coffee Popping Pearls drinks are only available for testing in two U.S. locations, Palm Desert, California, and Bellevue, Washington. Although a nationwide rollout is not yet confirmed, it is possible that the introduction of the Coffee Popping Pearls beverages could mark the beginning of a new trend for Starbucks, giving customers a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite coffee and tea drinks with an added, burstable twist.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Boba Drinks

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its delicious taste and unique texture. Boba drinks are made by mixing flavored tea with tapioca pearls, commonly referred to as the “boba” or “pearls.” With an array of flavors, textures, and colors, bubble tea has amassed a dedicated fan base of tea enthusiasts and novices alike. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consuming these trendy beverages.

Starting with the advantages, bubble tea appeals to a wide range of taste buds due to its customizable nature. Boba tea can be made with an assortment of tea bases, fruit flavors, and sweetness levels, ensuring it caters to individual preferences. Additionally, while traditionally made with tapioca pearls, many shops also offer alternative toppings like fruit jellies, puddings, and popping boba. Boba drinks can be a refreshing and thirst-quenching option in hot weather, making them an ideal summertime treat.

Furthermore, boba tea has introduced many people to the broader tea culture, where they may learn about different tea varieties and embrace this ancient beverage.

On the downside, boba drinks can be high in sugar and calories due to their typical use of sweeteners and syrups. Overconsumption may increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other health issues. Moreover, the tapioca pearls found in boba drinks are starch-based, which means they are dense in carbohydrates and may not be the best option for those following specific diets or watching their weight.

In conclusion, boba drinks offer a fun and creative way to enjoy tea, with endless possibilities for customization. However, it is essential to be mindful of sugar and calorie content and consume in moderation to prevent potential health risks.

Does Starbucks Have Boba?

The world of bubble tea, or boba, has taken the beverage industry by storm, with its chewy tapioca pearls and sweet flavors attracting fans from around the globe. Given boba’s growing popularity, it is no surprise that even the coffee giant, Starbucks, is hopping on the boba bandwagon. Starbucks is currently testing two drinks featuring boba-style “Coffee Popping Pearls” in two trial locations in the United States – Palm Desert, California, and Bellevue, Washington. The drinks include an Iced Chai Tea Latte with Coffee Pearls, priced at $5.45 for a 16-ounce Grande size, and an In the Dark cold-brew drink, priced at $5.25 in the same size.

Unlike traditional boba made from tapioca and cassava plant roots, Starbucks’ Coffee Popping Pearls are filled with real Starbucks coffee and burst in your mouth, providing a unique and delicious experience. It is worth noting, however, that reviewers describe these pearls as being small, awkward to drink, and oddly salty-sweet, which differs from the texture and flavor of classic tapioca boba.

While Starbucks has not announced plans to expand the test run of its Coffee Popping Pearls drinks to other locations, there is no knowing what the future may hold. For now, fans of boba and Starbucks can keep an eye out for potential nationwide releases or try their luck with these exclusive drinks by visiting the Palm Desert or Bellevue stores.

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Starbucks Joins Bubble Tea Craze With New Coffee Pearl Drinks

Starbucks has recently jumped on the bubble tea bandwagon with its innovative coffee pearl drinks. The popular coffee chain has introduced a new series of beverages featuring “coffee popping pearls” to please both coffee and bubble tea aficionados alike. A delightful fusion of the best of both worlds, these drinks combine the rich taste of Starbucks coffee with creamy milk tea, all while providing a caffeine boost.

The tantalizing concoction of coffee and tea is enhanced by the chewy, sweet tapioca pearls used in traditional bubble tea. Yet, Starbucks’ version brings a twist: the “coffee popping pearls” explode with a burst of coffee flavor in every bite. The outcome is an exciting mix of two distinct ingredients, which makes the beverage stand out among many other unique bubble tea flavors.

While some customers may find the fusion of coffee and bubble tea intriguing, others may deem the drink too strong, caffeinated, or even overwhelming. It is essential to keep in mind that different shops may offer varying experiences with their coffee pearl drinks, as tastes can range from bitter to milky, depending on the type of coffee and milk used.

Nevertheless, Starbucks’ coffee pearl offerings might leave a memorable impact on those willing to give it a try, appealing to both the younger and older generations alike. With its unique twist on the popular bubble tea trend, Starbucks continues to innovate and draw in customers seeking new, exciting flavors to sip on.

Limited Test Run Of Starbucks’ New Boba Drinks

In recent years, boba tea, or bubble tea, has taken the world by storm, captivating taste buds worldwide with its unique blend of flavors and intriguing tapioca pearls. As the popularity of this Taiwanese beverage continues to soar, it was only a matter of time before major corporations like Starbucks took notice and decided to dip their toes into the boba tea market.

In 2023, Starbucks decided to conduct a limited test run of their version of boba drinks at select stores in California. The company introduced two new drinks – one based on their Cold Brew and the other, an Iced Chai Tea Latte, both featuring “coffee popping pearls.” These innovative pearls, made from tapioca, were filled with actual coffee and delivered a fascinating twist to the traditional boba tea experience.

The limited run generated mixed reviews from customers who tried Starbucks’ boba offerings. Some praised the unique coffee-popping pearls for their interesting flavor and texture, while others found them to be too small and awkward to drink, with an odd salty-sweet taste. Despite these mixed responses, the hype surrounding Starbucks’ boba tea remained high, especially among Asian-American communities.

While Starbucks has yet to announce plans to expand its boba tea offerings nationwide, the limited test run of its innovative drinks with coffee-popping pearls certainly piqued customers’ curiosity and appetite for more. Boba tea enthusiasts are keeping a keen eye on Starbucks to see if they will further embrace the boba trend in their menu offerings in the future.

4 Things To Know About Starbucks’ New Boba Drinks With “coffee Popping Pearls.”

Does Starbucks Have Boba? What to Know About Starbucks’ New Boba Drinks

1. Limited testing in select stores

Starbucks is currently testing two boba drinks featuring their unique coffee-popping pearls in a limited number of stores. This test run consists of an Iced Chai Tea Latte and a Cold Brew, with prices at $5.45 and $5.25, respectively. The drinks are currently available in Starbucks’ grand size only.

2. “In the Dark” and “Iced Chai Tea Latte” drinks

The “In the Dark” drink is based on Starbucks’ Cold Brew, featuring the coffee popping pearls at the bottom of the cup. On the other hand, the Iced Chai Tea Latte showcases the pearls floating atop the drink. Both drinks are meant to be consumed cold, allowing customers to enjoy the unique texture of the coffee pearls mixed into their beverages.

3. The Coffee Pearls

Starbucks’ coffee-popping pearls differ from traditional boba as they are not made from tapioca. Instead, these pearls have a thin outer layer with a coffee-infused liquid inside designed to burst open when consumed. The pearls are described as small and add a unique salty-sweet flavor to the beverages they are featured in.

4. Competing with other boba beverages

With the current rise in the popularity of boba drinks in Western countries, Starbucks is looking to capitalize on the trend by creating versions featuring their coffee-popping pearls. Competing chains such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Sonic have already added their takes on bubble tea to their menus, and Starbucks is now stepping up with these limited test runs.

Will Starbucks Launch Coffee Pearl Drinks Nationwide?

With the recent testing of Starbucks’ coffee-popping pearls in select California and Washington locations, many wonders if the Starbucks coffee pearl drinks will launch nationwide. Fans of boba drinks are especially curious, as these coffee-popping pearls offer a unique twist on traditional boba beverages. But, as of now, Starbucks has not announced any plans to expand the availability of these drinks nationwide.

The Seattle-based coffee giant began quietly testing coffee-popping pearls in December 2021 at stores in Palm Desert, California, and Bellevue, Washington. Although the drinks are drawing attention on social media, with users sharing TikTok videos featuring the innovative boba-like coffee pearls, Starbucks has remained mostly silent on future plans for these offerings.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, there isn’t any additional information to share regarding the nationwide availability of the coffee-popping pearls. While this may sound discouraging for those eager to try the unique drinks, the spokesperson mentioned that testing new products is a way of life at Starbucks, and the company continuously introduces new drinks and food items to menus worldwide.

So, while there is no definitive answer on whether or not Starbucks will launch coffee pearl drinks nationwide, fans will need to keep an eye on announcements from the company and, in the meantime, visit the Palm Desert or Bellevue locations to get a taste of the innovative coffee-popping pearls.

Boba Market Worth $3 Billion By 2021 End.

The popularity of boba, or bubble tea, a Taiwanese beverage made with sweetened milk tea and tapioca pearls, has created a market worth an estimated $2.3 billion by the end of 2021. The beloved drink has particularly attracted Generation Z, millennials, and the Asian American communities in the U.S.

The global bubble tea market is expected to experience further growth, with the Fortune Business Report predicting a market share increase to $3.39 billion by 2027. This rise in demand is attributed to the desire for healthier alternatives to carbonated drinks and the increased availability of bubble tea worldwide.

Starbucks, the multinational coffee company, has recently decided to capitalize on this trend by launching two new boba-inspired drinks. These beverages feature “coffee popping pearls” made from tapioca, providing a similar mouthfeel to traditional boba pearls. Currently under testing at selected Starbucks locations, these drinks will be made more widely available if customers receive a positive reception.

Other fast-food chains like Dunkin’ and Sonic, as well as Caribou Coffee, have already jumped on the bubble tea bandwagon, while the beverage has also influenced alcohol industry trends with boba-style cocktails.

As the boba market continues to expand, it remains to be seen if more mainstream U.S. corporations will tap into this lucrative segment.

Boba Culture Continues To Grow In Mainstream America

The popular boba culture continues to grow in mainstream America, and Starbucks is not one to be left behind. Though the coffee giant does not have traditional boba on its menu, it recently introduced new beverages featuring “coffee-popping pearls.”

Boba, also known as bubble tea, originated in Taiwan and has gained massive popularity in the United States. This sweet, milky tea with chewy tapioca pearls has become a staple in both local Asian cafes and global chains. With its various flavors and topping options, boba culture has extended its consumer base, appealing to both college students and avid tea drinkers alike.

Starbucks’ incorporation of coffee-popping pearls in their beverages is a nod to this trendy drink. While not traditional boba pearls made from cassava starch, the coffee-infused pearls provide a similar chewy texture accompanied by a burst of coffee flavor. This unique twist on the classic bubble tea enhances the overall appeal of their new offerings.

The introduction of these boba-inspired drinks indicates Starbucks’ efforts to capture a wider audience and keep up with the ever-evolving beverage landscape. As the boba culture continues to grow in America, Starbucks fans and bubble tea enthusiasts can now enjoy a fusion of their favorite beverages with the coffee chain’s latest addition.

FAQ: Starbucks’ New Boba Drinks With “coffee Popping Pearls”

Q: What are the new Starbucks boba drinks being tested?

A: Starbucks is currently testing two iced coffee beverages with popping coffee pearls, known as “coffee popping pearls”: A Shot in the Light for $5.25, which is a cold brew drink with boba pearls at the bottom, and Iced Chai Tea Latte with Coffee Pearls for $5.45, which features boba pearls floating on top of the ice.

Q: What are “coffee popping pearls”?

A: Coffee-popping pearls are balls of coffee juice or syrup surrounded by a thin membrane created using spherification. They are designed to give an added burst of coffee flavor when consumed.

Q: What is the origin of boba tea?

A: Boba tea, also known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea, originated in Taiwan in the 1940s. It’s a combination of milk tea and chewy tapioca balls created from cassava plant roots. Boba tea has gained worldwide popularity due to its unique taste and texture.

Q: How big is the global boba tea market?

A: As of 2020, the global boba tea market is worth an estimated $2.32 billion, with bubble tea stores selling boba tea around the world.

Q: Are there any other flavors of Starbucks’ boba pearls available?

A: The only available flavor is strawberry, but this may change as the company expands its boba offerings.

Q: Where are these Starbucks boba drinks being tested?

A: The Starbucks boba drinks are being tested in two U.S. locations: Palm Desert in California (73030 El Paseo) and Bellevue in Washington (address unknown).


In conclusion, Starbucks’ introduction of coffee-popping pearls in select locations, namely Palm Springs and Bellevue, offers a unique twist on the traditional Taiwanese bubble tea with their boba-inspired beverage. Though not exactly the same as the classic boba or tapioca pearls, their coffee-popping pearls provide a distinct blend of flavors, combining both salty and sweet tastes in their liquid-coffee-centered core. This foray into the world of bubble tea showcases Starbucks’ ability to innovate and adapt to the current trends in the beverage industry, especially considering the global boba tea market’s impressive value of $2.32 billion.

While Starbucks has yet to add boba as a regular item to its menu, its experimentation with coffee-popping pearls is indicative of its interest in joining the boba tea craze. However, the process of incorporating traditional boba into all Starbucks locations could prove too costly due to the complexity of its preparation and the need for specialized equipment. Nevertheless, customers’ current excitement surrounding the coffee-popping pearls could potentially push the multinational coffee chain to make boba a permanent feature in their menu.

As Starbucks embarks on this journey of flavor experimentation, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts and whether consumers will embrace this unique integration of boba-inspired pearls with their favorite coffee beverages. Time will tell if Starbucks will continue on this path and expand its boba offerings, but for now, the inclusion of coffee-popping pearls in select locations has definitely stirred up excitement among coffee and bubble tea enthusiasts alike.

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