An Appealing Option For Coffee Drinkers Who Smoke (And Want To Quit)

An Appealing Option For Coffee Drinkers Who Smoke (And Want To Quit)

There has long been a perceived link between smoking and coffee consumption, and it turns out we’re not imagining it. A study from the Journal of Caffeine Research reveals that more smokers than non-smokers are coffee drinkers, with 86% of smokers reporting “significant coffee consumption” (as opposed to 77.2% of the general public).

Unfortunately, the link is not only common but problematic in that it can make smoking even more harmful. As was explained in an article at The Philadelphia Tribune, both coffee and cigarettes are stimulants. When combined, coffee increases blood flow even as cigarettes reduce oxygen in the blood –– the combination resulting in plaque that increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

The risk of this common combination only provides further incentive for smokers to quit, however, and there are actually some ways of doing so that relate specifically to coffee. First, cutting back on coffee is sometimes recommended to reduce cravings. Smokers commonly associate the two activities such that one can trigger the other. Thus, with less coffee, related cigarette cravings may decrease as well.

With regard to the pleasure coffee drinkers derive from the beverage, coffee is also factoring into quitting efforts in a new way –– through some of the popular nicotine pouches that are taking over the smoking cessation market. Nicotine pouches are small, tobacco-free sacks that fit snuggly under the user’s top lip and release small amounts of nicotine in order to manage cravings without cigarettes. They are discreet, easy to use, and affordable, all of which seem to be behind their catching on.

Nicotine pouches arrived on the U.S. market about six years ago and have rapidly caught the attention of many smokers trying to quit. They are essentially the spiritual successors to other nicotine products (like gum and patches), and it is estimated that there are approximately one million people in the U.S. using them already. As one would expect, data indicates that the vast majority of those users are former smokers and chewing tobacco users who have made the switch.

Beyond the aforementioned factors of discretion, convenience, and affordability, though, another reason for the level of patronage the pouch market is seeing is the wide flavor range that makes them enjoyable for users. Among the nicotine pouch options listed at Prilla, users will find a variety of fun flavours from top brands. And this is where that love of coffee comes back into play. Leading brands Zyn, Velo, and On! have all developed coffee-flavored pouches alongside more traditional options like citrus and mints. Thus, smokers who enjoy their coffee can now cut out both without sacrificing that familiar and delicious coffee taste.

Of course, a true coffee enthusiast won’t look to replace coffee drinking entirely with nicotine pouches. But when those specific coffee and cigarette cravings arise, these flavored nicotine options can be extremely helpful. Again, other flavors are also available: cool mint, menthol, and wintergreen for the traditionalists, and apple, mango, and berry for the fruit fans (to name a few). But it’s those coffee-flavored options that may serve a more specific purpose for many who are trying to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is already difficult, and it becomes ever more so when the task entails cutting down on something else you enjoy at the same time. Fortunately, nicotine pouches offer an easier path in that they can address cravings with a little bit of a coffee bonus to enjoy. We hope this might be helpful for you or someone you know to learn.

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